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Webinars have many uses such as:

  • Building a brand
  • Generating sales
  • Attracting prospects
  • Training groups of people
  • Holding press conferences
  • Conducting corporate announcements and focus groups


The biggest benefits to using webinars are:

  • Earning passive income
  • Building your list
  • Increasing your social media followers

We do this by either producing and recording your webinar or taking a webinar you’ve already recorded and creating an on-going series of encore presentations that you can schedule over and over.

In order for people to participate in your encore presentation webinar,   users must submit a payment a signup or both!  The key is to record the original webinar and then archive the webinar using landing page gateways to collect  contact information or payments.

For example, let’s say you’re a real estate broker who wants to generate leads for real estate investors. Producing an informative webinar about real estate investing will attract targeted leads from people interested in that topic.  The leads generated along with the automated follow-up tools that we recommend, such as text messages, emails and even voice mails and direct mail, can have a huge impact on your company’s bottom line.  You may even want to consider creating “Freemium” webinars that are free for initial attendees and then subject to access fees to attend the archived versions.  And all of this is set up to run automatically, 365/24/7.  Generate leads, prospects and even additional income while you sleep!


To see how our lead generation system works for yourself and to get your free copy of Webinar Basics, visit our landing page HERE.

We can produce your webinar for as little as $250 and host the encore presentations for as little as $50 a month!  Contact us now for complete details or VISIT THE LANDING PAGE HERE!







Produce Live Webinar from Existing PowerPoint Presentation:  $250


  • Take existing PowerPoint presentation you provide and schedule a one-hour or shorter live webinar presentation
  • Provide webinar interface (Watchitoo or GoToWebinar)
  • Record webinar and provide digital file
  • Moderate webinar and monitor Q & A and online chat features
  • Online tech check prior to live webinar (required)


Create Lead Generating Landing Page:  $250

  • Create lead generating landing page
  • Host landing page on custom URL (*
  • Write all page copy and benefits statements based on your input
  • Create lead capture box with 1 text message and 3 email autoresponders*
  • Include live countdown to webinar
  • Include already-existing video


Create Landing Page Video:  $250


  • Write script based on your input
  • Provide basic narration and voice over recording
  • Provide stock music track
  • Provide our choice of stock images or images you provide
  • Installation on landing page
  • Create one alternate version with self-contained call to action slate at end for self-posting on YouTube, Facebook, etc


Host Free Encore Presentations:  $30 per month (up to 3 months only — $60 per month afterwards)


  • Repurpose landing page to play free replays
  • Create data capture form for gathering leads
  • Weekly exports of sign-ups as CSV file
  • Custom domain name (*

How Many Months



*domain name for the landing page will be a variation of your existing domain name. We will register a similar domain name on GoDaddy to use for the express purposes of the landing page.  An example would be if your domain name was we would register an available variation such as or, etc. and then give the landing page a URL such as:   We use masked subdomain redirects in order to brand your landing page URL as closely to your business as possible.  We own this temporary domain name which is attached to your landing page for as long as you host with us.  When our agreement is completed we allow the domain name to expire and you are free to repurchase on your own.