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We define online public relations (PR) as techniques that help you spread your message, increase your online profile and increase traffic to your site. Public relations is also associated with sending press releases and story pitches to traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers. But our focus is mastering online PR methods that will generate in-bound links to your own website and increase your Pagerank, all with an eye towards boosting traffic to your site and ultimately increasing sales and profits.

If you have a newsworthy or special event, let people know! Websites and blogs are always interested in fresh content for their own sites as a way to attract repeat visitors, so why not make sure that that content is YOURS!

Distributing online press releases is also a great way to generate traffic to your own site. They’re also a great way to generate in-bound links to your site which will improve your page rank!

PLEASE NOTE: Press releases must be newsworthy. This means it can’t be a self-serving advertisement for you and your business disguised as a press release. Samson Media can help you not only strategize and write your press release but we can get it distributed to the wire services and online distribution points such as various blogs, press release sites and Google News.


  • Single Press Release Writing & Targeted National Distribution Service: $750
  • Deluxe Press Release Writing & National Distribution Services (The Associated Press, Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Reuters & more): $1,500
  • Local Press Release Writing & New Jersey-only Business Media Distribution (over 200 outlets): $400
  • Press Release Writing Only: $250


Whether you’re looking to build credibility with potential or existing customers or even within your own industry, getting your story published by third-party publications, trades, blogs, websites, etc. gives you the immediate aura of “expert”.  And who doesn’t want to do business with an expert?


Assuming your story is actuallyt newsworthy, having your press release picked up by online news and wire services and printed with your URL linking back to your own website will do wonders for your search engine optimization efforts.


Writing and distributing online press releases starts with publishing the content in your own backyard! Press releases are a great source for content for your own website, blog or email newsletter.


Just like advertising, you need to generate multiple impressions before someone remembers you and then you have to hope that they need your product or service at the time your message is consumed. Online press releases are a great way to control the ongoing flow of information about your business.

Call Us For Details On Distribution Outlets, Multiple Releases, Creating Online Press Rooms With Multimedia Materials Including Photos and Video: 973.744.6621